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If you suffer from tooth decay that is so severe that the teeth are broken or have fallen out, then dentures may be the best option for you. Dentures are false teeth that are designed based on your gums and the structure of your mouth. They can be removed when you sleep, and they act as normal teeth would when eating. There are substances that you can use to help seal the dentures in the mouth while at home so that they don’t slip while you’re talking or eating. The dentist could place partial dentures or a full set.
A complete set of dentures is often made of an acrylic base. They are colored to look like natural teeth. The base will fit over the gums while the upper plate will cover the roof of the mouth. If you want a custom fit, then all of the teeth will need to be removed. There will need to be time for the gums to heal before the dentures are placed. This process takes anywhere from three to six months. If you don’t want to wait that long, then the dentist can make an immediate set based on the overall structure of the mouth. However, you will need to go back to the dentist after a few months in order to get the dentures aligned as the gums will likely change to accommodate the dentures. A partial is only a few teeth that are used to take the place of an area of the teeth that have been removed due to injury or disease. This is a benefit for those who want to keep as many natural teeth as possible.

“I have more confidence and feel more like talking , smiling, laughing I don’t have that worry about the dentures coming loose.”
– Pinky

After the dentures are in place, it could take several weeks for them to feel natural. They might feel larger than the natural teeth, and they might feel like they are too tight in the mouth. Most people are a candidate for dentures as long as there is no underlying decay in the gums. Even in this situation, there are options in treating the gum disease before dentures are placed. Make a call to the dentist to see how you can get the process started for new teeth.

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Dr. Anil K. Agarwal has been a Board-Certified Prosthodontist for more than thirty years. He earned his DDS in 1974 from King George’s Medical School and went on to complete a residency in Prosthodontics at Northwestern University. Dr. Agarwal earned both Fellowship and Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral ImplantologistsCongress of Oral Implantologists, and has Fellow status in the Academy of General Dentistry and the American College of Osseointegration.