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dental implants

Dr. Ashtewi and implant patient discuss the procedure.

Dr. Agarwal and his implant team have over 35 years of experience and expertise placing dental implants and replacement teeth. Using the latest methods, technology and materials, the doctors have successfully helped thousands of patients regain their smiles, health and confidence. Patients with missing or ruined teeth can chew, eat and smile again thanks to modern dental implants.

Highly Trained Specialists in the fields of Prosthodontics & Periodontics

(A Prosthodontist is a specialist in aesthetic restoration and replacement of teeth. A Periodontist is a specialist who focuses on prevention, diagnosis and treatment of gum disease and the placement of dental implants.)

Awarded Diplomate Status in the International Congress Of Oral Implantologists and Fellow Status in the Academy of Osseointegration

Founder of Implant Educational Center at the Prestigious Northwestern University

Lectures Worldwide on Dental Implants & Full-Mouth Reconstruction for the Past 35 Years

Our Experienced Specialists Have Placed 22,000 Implants

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Includes: Implant + Abutment + Crown
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What is a Dental Implant?

dental implant infoA dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. It is placed in the jawbone and a crown, dental bridge or a denture made of acrylic or ceramic is attached.

An Experienced Team of Certified Specialists

Dr. Agarwal plans and executes implant treatments in collaboration with prosthodontist associate Dr. Faisel Ashtewi and periodontist Dr. Hector Cummings. The implant team also includes board-certified oral and maxillofacial surgeons with many years of experience in implant surgery. All our doctors are specialists in the placement of implants and the creation of new teeth. This knowledge and expertise—from implant planning to finished new teeth—allows us to deliver a higher level of care to you, all from a single office.

Precise Implant Planning for Perfect Placement

dental implant treatment

Our 3D cone beam CT scanner uses low-radiation X-rays to capture 3D images of the entire mouth and jaw area for treatment planning.

The doctors use advanced technology to ensure the accuracy of implant treatment. Using a state-of-the-art 3D CT scanner, they capture detailed 360-degree views of the patient’s entire mouth and jaw, including nerves and bone density. Special 3D software allows the doctors to map out the exact location and angle of each implant, simulating the entire procedure. If needed, the doctors create a surgical guide to use during the procedure to aid in implant placement. The use of 3D imaging and planning make the procedure efficient and minimally invasive.

Natural-Looking, Fully Functional New Teeth

dental implants

The doctors explain each phase of your treatment in easily understandable terms.

With their specialized training in implant placement and the creation of new teeth, the doctors are experts at knowing how the new teeth should look and function. The crowns, bridges or dentures that will attach to the implants are fabricated using a certified dental lab, which uses only high-quality materials to ensure long-lasting comfort and fit. All technical and quality control is overseen by an expert lab technician. The new teeth look, feel and act like natural teeth.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Compared with other tooth replacement options, dental implants are the most
reliable, longest lasting and most realistic-looking option for replacing missing teeth. Patients typically don’t notice any difference between their natural teeth and dental implants.

Implants provide excellent chewing power, allowing patients to eat a wide variety of foods they enjoy for proper diet and health. Furthermore, implants don’t require adjacent teeth to be modified, as is the case with a dental bridge, and because they fuse with the jawbone, they help prevent bone loss that results from missing teeth.

Benefits include:

  • Implants look, act and feel like natural teeth. People usually do not notice any difference between their implants and their natural teeth.
  • Implants are the strongest and longest-lasting option for tooth replacement.
  • Implants don’t require alteration to the structure of adjacent teeth, as dental bridges do.
  • Implants help preserve the bone in the jaw. They prevent the collapsed, wrinkled look caused by the bone loss that occurs as a result of missing teeth and dentures.

Affordable Implant Options

dental implants care

Patients are educated on the proper care of their dental implants.

Patients who need teeth replaced receive comprehensive implant treatment. This includes the implants and all temporary and final restorations. The practice has competitive pricing and offers flexible payment and financing options to make it easy for patients to get the dental care they need.

The doctors explain each phase of treatment in easily understandable terms. Patients are educated on the proper care of their dental implants. The practice’s 3D cone beam CT scanner uses low-radiation X-rays to capture 3D images of the entire mouth and jaw area for treatment planning.

Winterset Dental’s dental implant team provides patients with treatment in one office, from implant planning to the final new teeth.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dental Implants

What is a dental implant?
A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made of titanium. It is placed in
the jawbone, and a crown, dental bridge or denture is attached.

Is the procedure painful?
Most patients report little to no discomfort. Often, they return to work and daily activities the next day. The doctors are committed to patient comfort and offer IV and deep sedation, as needed.

What success rate can I expect?
For a healthy individual with good oral hygiene and good health, dental implants have a predictable success rate above 95 percent.

Will they look like normal teeth?
The teeth attached to dental implants are designed using only high-quality materials that look, feel and function like natural teeth.

Comfortable, Relaxed Treatment

Patients are provided with various amenities to ensure that they are kept comfortable and relaxed at all times, including pillows, blankets, water and music, if desired. For fearful or anxious patients, IV sedation and deep sedation are available. Before treatment begins, the doctors explain the entire procedure, answering any questions.

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