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Full Mouth Reconstruction

Denture-wearers are often plagues by ill-fitting, loose dentures, sores and a lack of confidence when eating, speaking or smiling. Luckily, dental implants offer a more permanent solution for restoring damaged teeth or replacing missing teeth.

Dentures can have a negative effect on your quality of life. Loose dentures that will not stay in place cause difficulty when speaking or enjoying one’s favorite foods. Ill-fitting dentures can cause painful sores that further impair speech and functioning and embarrass the denture wearer.

The professional staff at Winterset Dental understands the difficulties of traditional dentures and is committed to providing a more permanent, natural-feeling, attractive and cost effective solution. Dental implants are an excellent alternative to dentures for full mouth replacement.

“I am always complimented about my smile, my wife’s friends always say: ‘boy your husband has great teeth.’ Its been wonderful for me. ”
– William

Dental implants are inserted directly into the jawbone, ensuring a perfect fit and eliminating the problems associated with ill-fitting dentures. Each dental implant is individually designed to fit your mouth, making it easy to once again enjoy dining and speaking without slippage or clicking. While many people opt for dentures for their tooth replacement needs, dentures simply replace the visible portion of your missing teeth without addressing their roots. Dental implants can actually improve your oral health because they replace the roots of your teeth. This makes for a permanent, healthy option that will keep your smile look and feeling natural.

Additionally, dental implants can also improve bone health because they are fully integrated with the jaw, reducing the risk of bone deterioration. The bone loss associated with dentures can lead to a sunken appearance and unattractive smile. Dental implants eliminate this problem, resulting in a natural appearance and smile that you will want to show off.

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Dr. Anil K. Agarwal has been a Board-Certified Prosthodontist for more than thirty years. He earned his DDS in 1974 from King George’s Medical School and went on to complete a residency in Prosthodontics at Northwestern University. Dr. Agarwal earned both Fellowship and Diplomate status in the International Congress of Oral ImplantologistsCongress of Oral Implantologists, and has Fellow status in the Academy of General Dentistry and the American College of Osseointegration.