Receding Gums (Gingiva)

When teeth appear to “grow longer” over time, it doesn’t mean that they actually do. Teeth erupt in a certain shape and size. They are only able to wear down, chip, or have a portion crack off. The illusion of growing longer occurs when the gum tissue moves away from its original position, exposing more of the root surface of the tooth. There are three reasons why this occurs. First, there’s subtle changes during the aging process. Second, there’s vigorous, improper brushing techniques. Third, there is periodontal disease. This disease affects the bone support which holds teeth in place. When there is less bone support, the gums recede and expose more root surfaces of the teeth, so they look longer.

Apart from their appearance, receding gums also expose the less-resistant root surfaces to the sugars in food and drink. Root surfaces do not have a protective enamel coating, so are more prone to decay. Add to that sugar-free soda. While missing sugar, all soda is very acidic, which brings about “hypersensitivity” to cold foods and drink, or even winter conditions, when a patient consumes these regularly.

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