Sipping Sugary Stuff

I love the refreshing sensation of drinking a glass of cool water on a warm day! Yet, many of my patients find soda more refreshing. So, I looked at the website,, to research the grams of sugar in Coke. We all know that various sugars cause cavities, and recent Healthy Eating initiatives have alerted us to their role in obesity. Here’s a sample of what I found:

Product Size Sugar Calories
Coke 12oz. 39g 140
Coke 20oz. 65g 240
Coke 34oz. 108g 400
Fountain Coke 28oz. + ice 91g 364
Fountain Coke 44oz. + ice 128g 512

I’m not picking on Coke. In fact, Mountain Dew has more sugar. Many non-carbonated beverages have lots of sugar, too. The added concern with soda is their acid-rich formulas, the stuff that works alongside of sugar to help form cavities. I encourage you to look up your beverage choice to see how it compares to Coke. And I strongly recommend that cool glass of water, to reduce the acid and sugar on your teeth, after drinking any soda pop!

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